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3 D give vitality home textile design

The realistic 3 d effect with print, as a kind of novel element design used in the field of clothing have been popular for several seasons.In this season, it is a trendHome textileIn the design of the item.The 3 dHome textileGrain appearance effect to visual sense of the impact of the new, such as vivid landscapes, animals and flowerswallpaperCan put thehouseholdBecome a living world, as if place oneself in nature;Made stereo sense is very light and shadow patterns printed onThe carpetInstantly fun, ground, space has become more have administrative levels feeling;Put the patterns printed with a 3 d effectBed is tastedLying in bed, cushion for leaning on, also can in a dream world.
Unique 3 d effect of the transformation of colour collocation gives the home textile product new look, while strengthens the color contrast, but at the same time of strengthening the contrast appear like nature itself is downy and harmony, the style and the scene of the household whole space tonal build more rich, more close to the irregular change boundless nature.
3 d effect of the home textile product with unique charm, starting in home textile design.
Bed is tasted
When the animal patterns, flower design with 3 d effect and the seaside scenery pattern in home textile product design, can give a person a kind of special sense of vision impact.Them in the form of decoration, the elements of nature into the home environment.These vivid picture type printing to a unique way to show the beautiful scenery.Floral print is one of the most classic designs of bed is tasted, this season, the element by realistic 3 d printing to update.Vivid animal design also appear in the design of the bed is tasted, added new vigor and vitality.
The carpet
Floating leaves carpet patterns like just fall down from the tree and clever, even simple wave stripe carpet, dynamic, 3 d gives the vitality of carpet, let whole household atmosphere instantaneous become lively, more rich visual sense.
A 3 d scene wallpaper can put the room "moved" people want to go to any place, such as the forest of the night in Manhattan or the morning light;Or the broad beach view;Or just the sea of sunrise and so on, very wonderful.
Large animal design wallpaper is fashion, not only has very grab an eye vision effect, but also let people love pets feel warmth.