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Carpet cleaning technique is introduced

 1. Clean up in time.Every day withThe vacuum cleanerClean up, don't wait for a lot of stains and dirt infiltration carpet fiber after cleaning, only often clean, easy to clean.Should pay attention to when cleaning the carpet will be under the carpetThe floorClean.
2. Even use.Put the carpet with a few years later, the best position, to wear uniform.Once appear uneven in some places is to wipe gently, gently or use steam electric iron ironing.
3. The decontamination method.Ink available citric acid to wipe, wipe a place to wash, and then use drytowelWipe moisture: coffee, cocoa, tea glycerin to remove available: fruit juice can use cold water to add a small amount of dilute aqua ammonia solution to remove:The paintStains into gasoline in washing powder with gruel, at night to paint, clean with warm water, the second day morning after moisture blot with a dry towel.
4. The removal of foreign bodies.Drop some quality such as next nap, wastepaper on carpet light material, the vacuum cleaner can solve.If accidentally broke a glass on carpet, can use wide some adhesive tape paper will stick up broken glass: such as broken glass powder, usable cotton dips in water to glue, reoccupy cleaner is sucked.
5. The carpet has burn marks, not serious, can use hard brush or will burn out part of the nickel brush off if serious burn marks, use books on top again, wait for after working, in the comb.
6. Carpet to dust.Will broom sweeping the carpet after soaking in soapy water, keep the broom moist, then sprinkle with salt, then use broom sweep, finally wiping with dry dishcloth.When clean carpet, conditional chemical fibber carpet can be washed, dry.Pure wool carpets have to waste their over a period of time in the sun for a while, pay attention to the carpet waste their turn it over, flap with fine rod hung on the rope, try to remove dust.It also can effectively kill mites on the carpet.