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"Carpet" is "low carbon" is a kind of trend in the fu

With the improvement of the quality of life, low carbonEnvironmental protectionWill become a trend,The carpetWhat is the meaning of low carbon, and many consumers still have questions.aThe carpetSpokesman said: "if I tell you, a plastic bottle can make it a carpet, are you sure you don't believe it. But today, the existing businesses use wool carpet and waste bottles. This carpet is not only veryEnergy saving, environmental protection, on the quality of a material, color, pattern design also have more choices."In the" heavy decorative lightdecorateThe age of the "concept, carpet also entered the many citizens in the family. The second decoration avoid waste disassembling, even recycled bottles made carpet. Low carbon life, carpet is among them.
Low carbon carpet, fade in the heart
With the increase of urban buildings, new house to buy carpet are also increasing.Now decorate "light is repaired heavy adornment" concept, make consumers increasingly willing to choose vogue and individual character of carpet, as a presentThe whole householdThe collocation of style decoration.It is understood that the sales price of the carpet is differ, cheap, 100 yuan to 200 yuan, you have thousands of yuan, the carpet of high-tech can also power and environmental protection.In the indoor carpet on the shop, not only can beautification environment, relieve pressure, make the person feels comfortable, but also adsorption air dust, noise sound-absorbing insulation and moisture absorption, and so on, so carpet is favored by consumers.
"Carpet" is "low carbon" is a kind of trend in the future?
"Carpet" is "low carbon" is a kind of trend in the future?
According to introducing, ground material industry in China after nearly 30 years of development, already by the early 1980 s to the early 90 s,The marble, waterstoneDominating the world into the late 1990 sThe floor, ceramic tile in the situation.Entering the 21st century, low energy consumption, low emissions, low pollution, and the pursuit of building materials industry development mode of green GDP, flooring industry has been facing a new round of revolution.
Secondary to decorate, carpet taste of ascension
In the interview, the reporter understands, in recent years, many citizens face twice when decorating, abandoned the choice of a few years ago ceramic tile, floor, etc.They think the carpet is not just for life taste, fashion, lifestyle and health and safety.
In carpet, stand, or sit, will feel more comfortable than the floor and floor tile, carpet and also very safe, because 80% of the old man accidentally wrestling lead to problems such as fracture and lying in a hospital, because home is a floor, floor tile, very insecure, families with children, more should pay attention to safety.In addition, some people think that secondary to decorate, want the whole floor tile broken, cause physical waste, noise is very big, the simplest way is to spread a piece of carpet, save time and cost.
Carpet, is not only a new way of life, and it is very sweet and comfortable way of life, more important is the carpet is very energy efficient, don't have to cut down a tree first, second, the carpet is not easy to dust every day like the floor, floor tile, and produce a large amount of sewage pollution environment, every 2 days you can suck a carpet, with cleaner clean and environmental protection.
Winter we play another summer air conditioning, air conditioning or steam and floor form convection, is not very energy saving, also less than warm enjoy the role, carpet can to save the energy in space.We should be aware of the carpet is closely linked with the life, is very energy conservation and improve the quality of life.Carpet is low carbon and environmental protection.