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5 big international brand hotel "alternative business"

only the ideas of the off-season, no off-season market.Hotel market in China "walking" international brand hotel, rely on is not only a solid brand influence, meticulous operation management, and the most alternative "business".
They pushed the yuan afternoon tea, with the lowest price, the most delicious dessert, the most sincere services to attract customers;They make into 25 hours, 24 hours a day to 100 service into 101 points satisfaction.Brand spirit is needed "whole", but in the new media era, as long as do well, "stunt" can also be very perfect.
 Sofitel hotel: use a cultural tour French culture spread
In 2013, "music and literature" cultural tour activities in sofitel wanda grand hotel in Beijing on May 8, and successively in chengdu, chongqing, guangzhou, macau, Shanghai and other seven hotels in six cities."We hope that through this French characteristics with Chinese elements of cultural performances, led the guests of the sofitel experience infinite glamour from France elegant art form."Accor greater China region the sofitel brand marketing and communications director xiao ying ying said.
Now every hotel in the efforts to improving the quality of hardware, software, but how to stand out in the numerous high-end hotel brands, you will need to fluctuate in the hotel culture.Sofitel has realized it.
"So we are very hard in the three major elements of sofitel, focus on design, food, art, want to let a guest feel the unique personality France."Xiao ying ying said, "we want to use the unique French DNA to better deduce the elegance of French classic philosophy."
  Kempinski hotel: = 25 hours a day
According to international practice, no matter what time check in the hotel, guests will be 12 o 'clock at noon check-out, sometimes very late check-in, live only for eight or nine hours, also need to pay for a whole day's room charge.Kempinski but broke the rules.
Kempinski hotel Qingdao launch unlimited "25 hours plan", on the basis of ensuring guest check-in time at 24 hours, will also be check-out time postpone an hour, let guests enjoy the greatest convenience.
The hotel introduction, this scheme not only effectively avoid the guest check-out delay is caused due to force majeure the additional rate, and can let guests more reasonably arrange their trip;To save the cost of travel at the same time, enjoy more humanized and more considerate service.Commissioner of Qingdao tourism market Fan Hui thinks, in the increasingly fierce market competition, "25 hours" service will be the hotel's fight for more customers.
  Langham hotel: 1 yuan afternoon tea
Mention the langham, the author first thought is "afternoon tea" $1.
Langham hotel in London on June 10, 1865 afternoon tea became the world's first supply hotels, so every year on June 10, push the "afternoon tea" $1 has become a tradition of langham hotel.
Afternoon tea contains delicate cake, mini bar, fresh fruit jam, finger sandwiches and other snacks, with German Ronald fitow top tea.It is understood that each hotel provide refreshments is different every year.
Shenzhen east German langham hotel general manager, says, langham English afternoon tea has become a scenery line, now a lot of ladies attracts thousands taste."A lot of people is to drink afternoon tea, to meet the langham, thus the langham as part of their lifestyle."
  Sheraton hotel: paying a visit
"Moon hotel", "toilet seat hotel," said the sheraton huzhou hot spring resort hotel, with RMB 88 / person pay to visit the hotel service, on the one hand, control of tourist visitors, who were on the one hand, increase the hotel's small income.
"To visit the tourism is more, we also did not think this at first. As currently envisaged, visit the admission average more than two thousand a day."Sheraton huzhou hot spring resort hotel marketing communications department director Eric said.
Once was paid to visit dubai "seven star" a feature of the burj al Arab hotel, now, sailing hotel has not visit provide paid services, visitors can go to the buffet meal 1000 yuan of above, by the way, a visit to the hotel.Sheraton huzhou hot spring resort hotel, then, would become the world's only provide paid visit hotel?After comprehensive opening, "the moon hotel" whether also provides the service, is unknown.
 The peninsula hotel: Rolls-Royce phantom guest's exclusive ride
Hong Kong peninsula hotel, often in the TV show as synonymous with luxury and luxury.Rolls-Royce phantom, Hong Kong peninsula hotel VIP customers "taxi", (I'm see a elegant name, call "exclusive ride".)
It is reported, Rolls-Royce is pure handmade, in the allowed range, every car can be in accordance with the requirements of the customer and rendering."The phantom" of the Hong Kong peninsula, AD hoc a refrigerator, in order to let the customer hand towel keep low temperature;In addition, still bearing the words Hong Kong peninsula hotel English foot pedals, and bigger luggage compartment.
In the eyes of many guests, Rolls-Royce and the peninsula hotel has long been a hand.Since 1970 to buy the rolls Royce Silver Shadow as a reception after the car, the peninsula hotel will continue to purchase Rolls-Royce's models.In the UK, the hotel all the drivers are Sir Henry Royce school received special protocol driver.
Gold SPA, custom tobacco, spice, follow hotel chef cooking...Today, the hotel creative, attractive and to perfect "alternative business", stacked, personalization, modernized ideas of hotel service.Hidebound hotel, need to start thinking about their own "business".