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The maintenance of the carpet

 Now the family is decorated in, more and more use of carpet, there are some is the whole picture, there are some just piece of block.How the carpet maintenance of how to do?


1) avoid cigarette butts.Now the carpet has the characteristics of flame retardant.But not every a carpet with flame retardant function.Whether flame retardant or ordinary carpet, once the cigarette fall into it, the minimum will be burnt out a small coke.Therefore, when laying carpet, inside the home should have a small piece of leftover material.When appear this kind of situation, use first cut head cut off the burned part carpet wool, reoccupy cut a small part of the head of the leftover material blanket wool clippings, with glue after finishing the burning in the pit.Wait for after its are fully dry comb.


2) the whole carpet can after some time, please use the professional cleaning company mechanical cleaning.Specific cycle can be based on the fouling degree.


3) if the stains in the carpet.If it seems appropriate USES milk soak moment, reoccupy hair is brushed dip in milk brushs mop can.If it is animal and plant oil stains can dip in with cotton the gas with more expensive purity is wiped.Fruit juice and beer, juice, should dip in with soft cloth first washing powder solution is wiped, reoccupy warm water with a little vinegar added solution to swab.Such as killing ironmould, can be in corrupt place sprinkle fine salt dust and use warm water mixed fluid of soap is brushed except.